Springtime is Blooming Everywhere!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The Earth laughs in flowers.” This spring, it is definitely having a good belly-laugh ! Each day, something new begins blooming.


Besides the springtime flowers making remarkable growth, the weeds are, too. This milkweed in the above picture is testament to that fact. Actually, I always leave a generous spattering of milkweed in the garden for the monarch caterpillars to eat and on which to lay their eggs. 

I love old fashioned bearded iris. It will be a few weeks before they all bloom, but there are a few of them showcasing their different colors. I think the classic purple one is still my favorite. 


At least that is what I say until I gaze on the snow white iris


or the rust colored one. I like the view of the latter from the top looking down.


The dainty, exquisite beauty of the Japanese iris, whether deep purple 


or indigo, is hard to beat. 


The Shasta daisy and the purple spiderwort provide a striking contrast in the garden. 


Robin Williams said, “Spring is Nature’s way of saying, Let’s Party!” There most certainly is a party going on!  

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Most of the flowers currently in bloom seem to be purple, pink or white right now. You can’t beat the intricate, two-colored native columbine. They are a favorite of the hummingbirds which are flying back and forth between them and the weigela blossoms. 


The tender bleeding heart is another favorite sign of springtime.


Even Charlie and Abby are enjoying the beautiful spring day. 


Both our light pink and scarlet weigela bushes are blooming profusely right now. Our money plants are done blooming their purple flower (bottom right in this picture) and have set their “coin” seed head. The “coin” will turn more of a burnt orange later in the fall. 


Look at these!  Fresh strawberries right out of the garden! I always feel like they are an announcement of the coming summer.


And the sun sets on another spectacular springtime day!



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