Happy Birthday to our Dogs!

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? We do. They’re really important members of our family so we couldn’t skip this celebration of their lives. Of our three dogs, two had birthdays in May. Heidi, our rescued puppy-mill Shih Tzu, turned 7 on May 4th and Charlie, our rescued Golden Retriever, turned 10 on May 29th. We will be celebrating Abby, our American Cocker Spaniel on August 3rd. 


Charlie is the foodie of the bunch and is investigating the chicken chews. Heidi is a really picky eater, but she is intrigued with the icing on the birthday cookie.  Abby, although she loves food, loves squirrels more and she is looking out for a pesky one that had been teasing her all day.


While Heidi is trying to get Abby interested in the food and not playing squirrel lookout, Charlie breaks her “leave-it” stance and sneaks a quick lick. 


It was so good, she just couldn’t help it and tried to gulp it down before I got ahold of an edge and told her to “release.” After all, she did need to share a bite with everyone!


No doubt about it, Charlie was ecstatic with her birthday goodies!!!


Heidi is not food driven, but will quietly nibble on her food when she is in the mood. She ate a bit of the Happy Birthday Cookie, but was more interested in the bully sticks. 

7   8

I think Heidi has the rest of her evening planned – solo with her bully stick!


It looks like Charlie and Heidi’s birthdays were a success. Now, on to planning for Abby’s birthday in August. 

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