Spinach Protein Shake

Are you a breakfast person? Some days I struggle with making myself eat first thing in the morning. I’m not always that way and I don’t know why it happens. It’s not because I was a porker the night before and pigged out to the max! I just wake up not feeling like eating. This shake is a soothing, yummy, nutrient packed way to start out the day – even on those mornings you have to force yourself to eat.


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Gluten-free Protein Snack Balls

Gluten-free Protein Snack Balls

Gluten-free Protein Snack Balls

These are great, healthy snack balls chocked full of protein. They are quite filling and pack that little “punch” when you feel your energy waning. I love to take these hiking, as a snack when I teach, and always, always when I travel. (They have saved me many times during delays at airports.) They are chocked full of healthy ingredients so they are a “no-guilt” snack, plus they are gluten-free.
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Dog days of Summer

With temperatures next week to soar in the 90’s and humidity levels almost as high, Charlie and I took advantage of today’s gorgeous, tepid weather to head to the lake for our daily walk.


Charlie pranced as we set out on our walk. She glanced up at me and gave me her heart-melting golden retriever grin. She LOVES going on walks! We started off visiting with the dancing mallard ducks watching them maintain a steady stream of quacking conversation and then continued around the winding path.We stopped to soak in the beauty of a few on the wildflowers before Charlie’s first of three chances to swim.
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