Springtime Timber Hike With Charlie!

The spring rains stopped for a couple of days so I took advantage of the brief respite and headed down into the timber with Charlie, our rescued golden retriever. Even though she is a “senior” now, she still loves exploring in the  timber. She would be heartbroken if left behind. Deer trails criss-cross the timber and a fox den shows recent activity. Add the numerous squirrels running, teasing and then sprinting up a tree trunk, and it’s a smorgasbord of different scents for a dog. 


 I love this time of year. The tender, just opening foliage and grasses created a gorgeous tapestry of textures and  varying shades of light green. 

Plus, my favorite wildflower, bluebells were in bloom creating small carpets of blue scattered amongst the sea of green. 


Even Charlie, liked the bluebells using their cushy softness for a moment of rest while observing  life in the timber.


Look at this exquisite bluebell – nature’s beautiful creation!


All of a sudden, we heard a familiar “meow, meow, mew!” Lucky, our 19 year old rescued cat decided  to follow us and relive his glory days when he was younger and would frisk in the timber whenever we went for walks. 


At times, I had to stop and carry him as his arthritic old legs couldn’t jump over big fallen trees. He also needed to rest frequently. This provided time to inspect other wildflowers. There were several yellow and blue woodland violets and patches of Sweet William were opening. 


This fallen trunk was studded with bracket fungi, also called shelf fungi. I think this kind is so intriguing. 


One was especially large. 


The timber was getting noticeably darker signaling that the sun was well along on its downward trajectory. This was our sign to begin the climb up out of the river bottom timber and head for home. Although this is not the fox den, it would make a nice home or hideout for a smaller animal. I saw no evidence that the word had gotten out on this piece of woodland real estate up for grabs. 


We passed the redbud and crabapple blooming in the yard


and the tulips, just as the last rays of sun set on our springtime hike.



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